Princess Isha and prince Rayan

The beautiful princess Isha was the daughter of king Satyam. Isha lived happily with her family in the palace. the palace was far away from the village at the mid jungle, there were many Gulmohar trees near the palace and there was a pond with the floating swans and blossoming lotus, it was looking like a heaven at the full moon night and whenever it rains Rainbow completes the beauty of palace like a crown.

One day princess Isha decided to go for the excursion with her friends, she dressed up in her beautiful saffron gown with the diamond jewelly broach, her deepest black eye and golden brown hair were looking awesome,it was not easy to get her out of the sight.she took her horse and get off for the excursion with her friend. princess Isha and her friends reached at the dense forest. In jungle Isha and her friends trapped badly due to the snake which was on the tree, Isha and her friends were trying to get

rid of but, it was difficult because the snake was very dangerous

. At the time Prince Rayan was returning from the hunting to his


He saw that Isha and her friends were trapped badly. Rayan shooted strand to the snake and make them safe. prince Rayan dropped to the Isha to her palace and went back to his own palace. At night prince Rayan was thinking about the Isha whole night. After few days he confessed to her Queen mother That he wanted to get married to Isha.

Queen mother and king planned a royal party for the prince Rayan. And king sent the tidings and invited to the king Satyam his queen and princess Isha for the royal party. prince Rayan and Princess Isha got engaged on that auspicious opportunity.

After few days Marriage of princess Isha and prince Rayan was celebrated in stately and princess Isha depart with Rayan and his family forever.


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