Helan’s ring in a chariot

Helan’s ring in a chariot –
It was the 20th birthday of Helan, she wished the master key from her mother to go away where the world is very beautiful. Helan’s mother gifted her the master key and said her to come back before the sun set, we have planned the grand party on your birthday and she said to the Helan that no one should recognise you while excursion. Helan  promised her mother and decided to go with her friend, ( Helan’s ring in a chariot )

they wore the cloak to make them invisible and then Helan and her friend open the door of alcove with the master key and walked away from the alcove to the flower valley,Helan and her friend travelled on the elephant, enjoyed the rowing boat in the sea, went to the fair and saw the string puppets. while excursion now the sky was overcast with clouds, night was falling but Helan’s palace was far away from there, there was not any source to reach the palace,Helan and her friend walked ahead,

they saw the silver chariot with the horse is standing on the way,

Helan and her friend ran and step into the chariot,

Helan rode the chariot to arrive at the palace. Now it was about to start the party. Helen dressed up in her elegant gown and combed her beautiful long hair in fairytale hairstyle.

suddenly she saw that her precious ring was not in her finger,she worried but, as the party had been started she came down and step into the courtyard. her gown

was elegantly and limply flowing around her,  she was looking absolutely pretty,

everyone grazed in wonder at the Helan. Musicians started to play the music, the lighted water fountain was reflecting and rolling deep into the water. there were many guests who had been invited for the regal party. there was a prince who came to the Helan, hold her hand and wore the ring in her finger and said,your ring was in my chariot, she pleased it was great pleasure for her, it was the ring which prince had gifted to the Helan on her 15th birthday, which was not only precious in fact very special for her. finally, prince proposed to the Helen to get married on her 20th birthday.

( Helan’s ring in a chariot )

( Helan’s ring in a chariot ) By Rupali

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