Anita Nair Portrait novel writer

Anita Nair Portrait novel writer

Portrait Anita Nair


About Anita Nair Novel Writer

Anita nair Is A Best Writer Who was operating Novels And Books because the artistic director of associate degree agency in Bangalore once she wrote her initial book And Novel

a group of short stories referred to as Satyr of the Subway, that she sold to Har-Anand Press. The book won her a fellowship from the Virginia Center for the artistic Arts.

Anita Nair’s writer wrote second book was printed by sphenisciform seabird India, associate degreed was the primary book by an Indian author to be printed by equestrian USA.

A bestselling author of fiction and poetry, Anita Nair’s novels the higher Man and girls car are translated into twenty one languages.

Among Nair’s early industrial works were items she confined within the late 90’s for The Bangalore Monthly magazine, printed by Explocity in an exceedingly column titled ‘The Economical Epicurean’.Anita Nair Writer.


Anita Nair writer

Thereafter followed Nair’s novel the higher Man (2000) that conjointly has been printed in Europe and therefore the us. In 2002, appeared the gathering of poems Malabar Mind, and in 2003 wherever the Rain is Born – Writings regarding Kerala that she has emended.

Anita Nair’s second novel girls Coupé from 2001, has clad to be a fair bigger success than the primary each among critics and readers in to date fifteen countries outside India: from the us to Turkey, from Polska to European country. Anita Nair Writer.

In 2002, “Ladies Coupé” was elective together of the 5 best in India. The novel is regarding women’s conditions in an exceedingly male dominated society, told with nice insight, commonness and humour.[7] girls car (2001) was rated together of 2002’s prime 5 books of the year and was translated into quite twenty-five languages round the world.

Nair has conjointly written The sea bird Book of Myths and Legends (2004), a children’s book on myths and legends. Nair has conjointly emended wherever the Rain is Born (2003). Nair’s writings regarding Kerala and her poetry has been enclosed within the Poetry India assortment and a British Council Poetry Workshop collection.

Her poems appeared in several prestigious poetry anthologies just like the Dance of the Peacock: associate degree collection of English Poetry from India,that includes 151 Indian English poets, emended by Vivekanand Jha and printed by Hidden Brook Press, Canada.

Anita nair’s novel

Nair has conjointly written some alternative books, like Mistress (2003), Adventures of Nonu, the athletics Squirrel (2006), Living adjacent to Alise (2007) and charming Indian Myths (2008). Nair’s works conjointly embody several travelogues.[10] With the play 9 Faces of Being, popular author Anita Nair has become a dramatist.

The story, is tailored from Nair’s book Mistress[11] Her book Cut Like Wound (2012) introduced the imaginary creature Inspector Gowda. The second book within the series Chain of Custody was printed in 2015. alternative works by Nair embody The Lilac House (2012) and Alphabet Soup for Lovers (2016). Anita Nair Novel Writer.

Her sixth novel Idris: Keeper of the sunshine (2014) may be a historical and geographical novel a few Somalian merchandiser World Health Organization visited Malabar in 1659 AD

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